Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This week is Vacation Bible School at Sequoia Heights Baptist Church---and I'm the director. That means I get to church at 7:30 and get things set up and stay until the last teacher leaves about 1pm. In between I spend most of my time running about making sure every teacher has what they need, the additional volunteers are up on supplies and all the students are where they are supposed to be. Daughter is doing all the paperwork/computer inputting. That is a huge load of work and very important. Thank you so much Daughter!!!

I love VBS. It is a great time to reconnect with a lot of my church friends. We tend to drift apart during the year because all of our children are different ages and going so many different directions. It's also a lot of work.

Today three van loads of French 20 somethings dropped in on the church. They had flown into San Francisco and were on their way to Yosemite National Park. They told Pastor they were touring the state parks here in California for 20 days!! They saw our church and all the people around and stopped to use the restroom. We were happy to oblige. Funny though, in California it is illegal to smoke practically everywhere. They were not aware of this fact. Pastor had to ask them not to smoke on the property, but to take it out into the parking lot.

Today was a great day!!

Hopefully I can get back to posting next week.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July

Son got a 3 day pass to come home over the July 4th holiday. It was so great to see him.

We had advised him to wear his ACU's home: he might get special treatment because he was wearing it. His father had arranged the plane tickets and because he kept telling the travel agent that Son was in the military, they wrote it on his ticket. The airline bumped him and the other guys with "military" on their tickets up to first class! He had plenty of room to spread out. He didn't realize though that the flight attendants would wait on him hand and foot. He said it was almost annoying how many times they asked him if he needed anything. He just needed sleep.

When he got to LA his connecting flight was cancelled, just as they were about to board. Unfortunately, we live a 2 hour drive from the San Francisco airport and had already left to pick him up. He called, we turned around and husband found him a new flight. This time he flew into Sacramento, same distance from our home, but less travel time because of traffic. His duffle still ended up in SFO. They brought it out to Son the day we had to take him back to the airport.
Fortunately, he had a non-stop flight back and made it back to base on time.

Fireworks were really late this year because of high winds. We were so tired that we left the park and our friends about 15 minutes after the scheduled start time. Just as we walked away toward home, they started. We kept on walking. We've seen spectacular fireworks before, at Disneyland, and were not concerned about missing them.

All in all, it was a good weekend. We really miss Son but he only has 5 weeks left in Maryland.
Then both kids will be off to Fresno State. Empty nest, here we come.