Thursday, February 2, 2012

Packing Assembled Lego Sets

Since we are moving in three months, I decided to continue the process in my son's room.  He is 23 but currently deployed so he is not in any need of these items, just yet!
He loves putting together the Lego sets. They have been sitting around collecting dust but since I have the time I took special care with them.

After Christmas I purchased 30  10-sheet packs of tissue paper for ten cents each. I scrunched up sheets to pad between any spaces between sections. On Mater I placed a scrunched sheet between the cab and bed of the piece, wrapped the tow hitch area and smooshed a piece between the tires underneath.  Then I completely wrapped up the entire piece in three or four sheets.

The Millenium Falcon took even more special care.  I first removed its four tiny, little, spindly feet. They would have snapped off or broken.

I then nestled it down into a box filled with packing material left from a gift.  I removed the lid as the box wasn't tall enough to close its lid safely.

This box went down inside a toter type box. More packing material was placed over the top.

I then cut cardboard and created a shelf over this. The rest of the Legos were also padded and wrapped in the tissue paper. They were placed on top. Lots of tissue paper was used.

This ship (Rebel Blockade Runner?) had to have a lot of extra tissue paper throughout.  It also went into its very own box.  The large box from large dog size Milkbone Dog Biscuits worked perfectly.  And more tissue was stuffed down inside that as well.

I hope this helps in guiding you through your own Lego packing logistics.  I'll let you know in several months if I was completely successful.
May the Force be with You,