Friday, September 27, 2013

House Hunting Journey Begins

Husband and I have never owned a house.  We have been married twenty-nine years and have never owned a house.

The first eight years we lived in ten different apartments and cities.  That covered three states.  We always were moving as Husband was in Retail: to get a promotion, he had to transfer stores (and move.) I used to be able to pack the entire house in a day and a half.  Not any more.

Now it takes me a month for two reasons: I work as a substitute high school teacher and we have way too much stuff.

Unfortunately my mother passed away from pancreatic cancer in January. However, she left us with enough to put a reasonable down payment on a house.

So at the ages of 52 and 49, Husband and I began our quest for a house.  We started by getting our finances in order and applying for a mortgage. That is a lot of paperwork! And more paperwork.  And we bathed it in a lot of prayer.

By mid July we were approved.

on July 28 we saw our first house.  It was perfect-open concept, three bedrooms, separate laundry room, quiet cul-de-sac.  It had some drawbacks such as a small back yard with two large trees that would have to be removed immediately for safety.

But it was kind of like going wedding dress shopping.  You may know what you want, the first dress you try on is perfect.  But there are so many out there! How can you choose the very first one? 

So our hunt continued...

Stay tuned for the next chapter and thank you for stopping by.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Union Jack Dresser

In the middle of the summer a dear friend moving from California to the Mid West gave me this dresser.  It is super heavy and solid wood.  However, it had been painted white at one time and then spray painted black. It was in really sad shape.

It was the perfect candidate for the Union Jack treatment.  I took these pictures in my Husband's office.  Looks pretty cool. This is for sale.




A change of handles was a necessity.  It opens well and these handles don't obstruct the paint treatment.

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Lost Year! Missing in Blogland

It has been a long year.
I haven't posted since August  2012.
First, I had no more space for pictures.
Then in September, my daughter married her sweetheart of five years.  She got married in Sacramento at the Vizcaya. They were so wonderful and it included cake, food, outdoor wedding, indoor reception, bartender, security, and day of wedding coordinator.
My mother had been battling pancreatic cancer since February.  She was doing so well that she was able to make her dress and fly down for the wedding of her only granddaughter.
This is her at the wedding.

In January she passed away.  The cancer had spread to her liver and she just didn't have any fight left.
My husband and I are now house hunting: looking for our very first house to purchase!  We've been married twenty nine years and are just now able to buy a house!
Thanks you for stopping by and I'll try to be more consistent in visiting.
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