Thursday, April 29, 2010

Show and Tell Tables

These lovely inlaid tables are from Syria. I wanted the largest one but they wouldn't break up a set. And I certainly didn't want to pay the $200 the shop owner was asking for them.
We were on the third floor of a very little, crowded with merchandise shop. Because bargaining for price is part of the culture, and I'm no good at it, I walked away, down two flights of stairs.
Husband is good at bargaining. In fact he enjoys it. So when all the back and forth was done, we got the set of tables for $100. A much better deal. The employee finally decided that his boss would rather sell something than not.
We wrapped up the tables and took them home. They were my Christmas present that year, 2003.

Yes, that is a Turkish made carpet. We purchased that in Jordan. And the coffee set is decorative rather than usable but is very representative of the coffee sets used "min zamaan", way back when.

They told me all the different woods used in the table, but I can't remember any! It is real mother of pearl, though, not plastic.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

May Flower Tablescape

I can't wait any longer. Spring does not seem like it will ever get here! So today I decided to do a May Flowers table. We bought these floral/leaf plates way back in Feruary at JC Penney's. They were half off back then but still pricey. I will definitely be serving dinner all summer with these.

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The tablecloth and napkins are another set we purchased in Syria. The spring green is perfect with this simple table. The white plates are those from Target at Christmas time. A dozen in a box.

I've used the glasses before, also Christmas at Target.

You will notice that there are two colors of the green leaf plates. We did not notice, however. We bought a set of four leaf plates, four flower plates and three flower bowls at one store. Then when we were at the second store we realized that there were two greens. So we decided to go for place settings for eight!

The flowers are alstroemeria, in three lovely colors. They come in so many!

The salt and pepper shakers are those lovely ones from Pier One Imports: $3.00 for the pair! And so cute! Who can resist?

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Egyptian Tablescape

"See the pyramids along the Nile
Watch the sunset on a tropic isle
Just remember darlin' all the while
You belong to me"

"You Belong to Me"
Written by Pee Wee King, Chilton Price and Redd Stewart

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It seems like we've become ghouls, haunting estate sales! Two weeks ago Husband and I waited half an hour in line to get into an estate sale. I bought linens to make into aprons. He went straight to the kitchen and found this lovely set of china. There are enough pieces for six complete place settings. There are two extra bowls in each size and one serving platter.

The set is Key Largo by Meito China.

The cloth is a long scarf made of wool we purchased on Tentmaker's street in Cairo in 2002.

The decorative plates are also from Egypt, as is the tiny pyramid. We were able to spend a week in Cairo in August 2002. That is not the time to go however because of the heat. Since then Husband has made several trips to Cairo and always seems to bring little gifts.

The camels are carved Olive wood.

The black statue is Anubis. Daughter had to have it that trip to Cairo. It still sits on her shelf (you may have seen it in the bedroom post here).

The rest of the items you've seen before. I love to be able to reuse the napkins and glassware and still come up with a new, unique table.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip to Egypt. I imagine this would be a table a proper British colonist would have set. Tables are done a little differently in Egypt!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April Showers

When they said "April Showers bring May Flowers", I wonder if they bargained on this! Yes, that is actually hail jumping around on the ground in Northern California.

I certainly hope it stops soon. I'm ready to plant some May flowers.
This is going to be the latest spring that I have ever planted annuals in my containers.

I keep hoping!

When You Have Bananas, Make Bread!

I love to bake, but hate to cook. Yesterday I noticed that the bananas had gotten extremely ripe. I have a great banana bread recipe but I had a can of pineapple in the fridge, so I looked on the internet for banana and pineapple bread. I decided to use this one.

Yes, that is a GIANT bottle of vanilla! It has gotten so expensive here in the states that my husband got me some from South America, hence the label. Thank you Susan, the friend who picked it up and sent this bottle along with two others. Thats a lot of baking!

The recipe made two loaves, but this was all that was left to photograph by the time I remembered the camera. There is nothing like hot banana bread!
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Friday, April 16, 2010

Apron Obsession

Lately I've been obsessed with aprons. I do use a basic apron in the kitchen or when cleaning. So I made several from that design and listed them in my etsy shop. Check the link on the right hand side.

The four here are perfect for BBQing or working in the kitchen.

I recently found these delicious linens at garage and estate sales. Dresser scarves, kitchen towels, table runners. Some are hand embroidered with hand crocheted borders, the others are machine made, but still lovely.

They will all soon be made into aprons as well. Stay tuned!
Enjoy the sunshine if you have some near you. Ours will only last a few more days here in Northern California.