Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mix Up Your Dishes

I recently "like"d Mikasa Dining on Facebook. They have great new patterns out from sweet to modern to classic. Today they sent a link to show how by adding a few solid color plates to a pattern or a a few pattern plates to a solid set you can extend the looks of your favorite pattern. Check out the video here.

This pattern is one we purchased at an estate sale last fall.  It has a sweet floral by Mikasa.  I'm going to try out the mix and match idea with it soon!
Let me know how you like to enhance your dishes with solids or florals.  Can't wait to see.


Meg said...

Hi Jeannine! This is Megan from Mikasa. We love that you used our tips to create this tablescape - it's lovely!

We would love if you could write a review of your favorite pattern on our "Reviews" tab on Facebook.

Anita said...

Jeannine, you know I'm a big fan of stretching! I got the yellow to go with the rooster, then found that I had even more possibilities with the yellow than I ever imagined. I also like to just get salad plates to coordinate with my everyday pattern. That also keeps cost down, and the salad plate is generally what you see anyway. I love the take vintage and mix with something new too. I love this pattern you have too!!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

These are just beautiful!
My dishes are pretty much boring antique white, but I really love to mix it up with vintage flatware.

Fun post!