Monday, January 30, 2012

Published Aprons!

I am published again in Stampington's Apron*ology Magazine!  It comes out February First and should be available the whole year. I find copies at Joann's and at Barnes & Noble. It should be at craft stores as well.

My son is deployed with the Army as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. We were going to a "Yellow Ribbon" event before he deployed and they gave us all little flag pins and yellow ribbons.  It reminded me of all the yellow ribbons we sold at Fabricland-way back in 1991 for Operation Desert Storm.
At that time my son was three.  I had no idea he would be involved in an ongoing version of the same war.
However, he has chosen this as his career.

And because of it, he has had several pairs of trousers completely wear out.  I couldn't sew up the crotch again! So I took them and made aprons.

This one with the two layers is called "Duty". That is one of the US Army values.  I used cotton for the yellow and the lower part of the trousers.

This half apron is the upper part of the same leg. I call it "Loyalty."  I like to use the pieces just as they are to preserve the entire look. I used the yellow to completely bind the three edges. The waist tie is threaded through the belt loops and I re-purposed the buttons at the edges.

Do you remember the John Wayne Movie She Wore a Yellow Ribbon? Love the cavalry!  Anyway, this apron is "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon." I used the upper and lower part of the second leg. 
These aprons do have some stains as they have been in use for five years. Authentic! But they will last through many washings.

Check these out in the magazine and in my etsy shop.

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Decor To Adore said...

As a retired A.F. wife I really love this design. Please thank your son for his noble service.