Thursday, October 3, 2013

House Hunting Part 2

Between July 28 and September 16 We looked at seventeen houses and put in three offers. During that time we were really able to narrow down the parameters of where we wanted to buy a house.
We got pretty good at reading the MLS listings.  We looked at hundreds of houses online. That's where we were able to narrow down the houses we wanted to physically look at.
The seventeenth house we looked at had only been on the market five days. We put in an offer that same evening and the offers were presented to the seller the next day.  We found out at 10pm that they accepted our offer.
Then the paperwork switched to finishing up the mortgage information.  They sure want to know all the details of our lives!
The inspections were scheduled for October first.  Unfortunately Husband is out of the country, so our son went along to follow the inspector around while I spoke to the pool guy. And the Termite guy. And the chimney sweep. Son (he is 25) learned some tips from the inspector.
The inspector was extremely thorough.  I kind of had a freak out.  So many little things wrong.  But the house was built in 1953 so I guess that is to be expected. So we are still waiting for official reports. Then we can figure out what repairs to ask for and what the next move is.
Thanks for reading my ramblings. It's nice to be able to sort out the thoughts over the house.
Now I'm trying to decide on paint colors for the kitchen and dining space.  Currently they are avocado and apricot.  Eww!
The tiles are off white on the floor and counters with fairly new oak cabinets.  The appliances are mixed, black and stainless. Any suggestions?  I have a black dining table and chairs.

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