Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tour of the New House

I finally figured out how to edit
 pictures on my Windows 8 program.  I am not a fan.
Anyway, that said, here are the pictures of our new house before we painted and moved in.  We closed escrow on October 18 and got right to work.  Fortunately the weather was still in the 80's so we could paint and move without overheating or getting caught in rain.

Above is a view of the kitchen.  The wall here is painted avocado. That's my son in front of the microwave.  The first thing Husband did was to remove the microwave and the shelf it is sitting on.  It took up too much of the usable counter space.

This picture is taken standing by the sink. Laundry straight ahead. the white door goes to the mudroom and garage. The open door on the left is the bedroom and bathroom on the front of the house.

The room is a "human tank". It has two massive banks of windows and you can see up and down the entire street.

Here's the bathroom.  Lovely avocado.  All of that was repainted my favorite whit, Dry Martini by Behr.

We painted in here as well. 

Yay! We have a huge front coat closet. 

This is the living room.  The part painted white is a funny little addition that will eventually have to be removed and French doors put in.  That will allow the room to have so much more light.  The red bit above got a healthy coat of white as well.

Main bathroom.  It is not en suite with the master bedroom, unfortunately.  It has to be shared with guests who might visit and use the craft/guest room.

This is the craft/guest room.

It has a great set of windows and this entire wall with built-ins. 

Master bedroom.

Master.  We went from a house with two large walk in closets to this huge master with one shared closet with one rod.  Ouch!  We have to learn to share again.  The room at the right is actually a mudroom for an outside door.  It also leads back around to the living room.  I've never seen  a house with so many doors.


The dining room has a built in buffet with a mirror over it.
I hope you enjoyed this little tour.  We spent most of a week painting the rooms. It took a week or so to move all of our stuff over after that.  But it is now all together and feels like home.

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