Saturday, June 28, 2014

Home Office Make-over

The first weekend in June, while Husband was out of the country on business I decided it was time I would re-do his office.  While we have been working hard together to finish the interior of our house and we have worked to get my sewing/guest room in order, his office became the storage room and catch-all.  The designated office is actually a separate home made building in the back yard.  It is three sheds attached together.
This first picture is of the mess viewed from just inside the door. You can see down the length of the three rooms.
This is a view near the entrance door.  A through the wall air conditioning unit was removed and siding place over from the outside.

A second a/c unit.  Bother were rotting moldy things that we didn't even want to plug in to try out.
In fact this door that you can see in the left hand side of the picture is brand new.  The old one had to be replaced as it had been kicked in at one time, ruining the frame.

On a one hundred degree Friday, I hauled all the stuff out and stacked it on my back patio.  that is fourteen boxes of books!

Here is the view inside of the middle room after all the stuff had been removed.

I was unable to remove all of the tables and bookcases by myself.

Here is a magical transformation!  Daughter and her Husband came out on Saturday (105 degrees) and helped me haul all of the bookcases out. And all the desk and table pieces.  we then laid carpet that had been removed from the house.  Son-in-law patched the holes in the drywall and then we put all the bookshelves back in.

Close up.  We did not get to paint because of the heat.

Here is a view of the entrance section with the patch in the wall.

On Sunday (again hot as h***) I emptied each box one at a time and put all the books on the shelves, in alphabetic order.  They were NOT in order before.

Here is the front section.  Chairs, collectibles on shelves, desk in place.

The desk. I was exhausted and in tons of back pain after this third day. 
A week later I hung a curtain across the opening to the third section.  It is still used for storage and is dark.  This is much prettier!
Husband will still be shopping for a modern efficient a/c unit.  Until then I hope this  office will be perfect for him.  He works from home and needed his own space.
I could not have done this without my Daughter and Son-in-law.
My Husband was completely surprised!  All he could say was "Wow!"
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