Sunday, March 15, 2015

Garden Ready For Spring

Husband and I worked tirelessly (not, we were exhausted every day) on our front and back yards to get them in spring ready.  And ready for the bridal shower for our future daughter in law.
We started in mid February and continued on through spring break, now concluding. We planted 100s of annuals and perennials in pots and mowed the lawn and planted olive trees and climbing vines. We power washed the checkerboard patio.


We washed down the patio set and got the pads out of storage.  Then we decided it would be way too hot to have the shower here and moved all the patio furniture back under the patio cover.



The theme of the garden is "Alice in Wonderland".






I hope you enjoyed this little tour of our back yard.  Husband and I plan to enjoy much of the spring and the summer sitting by the pool and only having to worry about basic watering and mowing. the hard work is done--for now.

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