Saturday, August 5, 2017

Guest Bath Remodel

Ron and I started a bathroom renovation project back in January.  Well, Ron did.  But because we are both teaching and going to school, it took some time to get it done. 

This is before.  Sink is cracked and it appears to be original to the house, 1953. he removed the cabinets, sink, and toilet.  Then he started removing the linoleum and found 3 or 4 more layers of flooring.  It would not come up, so we left it alone. We purchased vinyl floor tiles and he laid them over the top. The shower was repainted with white epoxy paint.

These frames will eventually hold Disney Cruise Ship pictures.

This new light is fabulous!  It puts out so much light yet is cool to touch and efficient.

This new sink had to be installed by a professional plumber.

Below are two pictures of the finished bathroom.  We wanted the mirror and clock to have a "porthole" look to them and the red, white, and blue reminds us of the Disney Cruise Ship decor. This is the bathroom attached to our guest room. it came out very clean and cozy.

Thank you for sticking with me through the time that i have not been posting.

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