Thursday, July 28, 2011

Captain America and the Pencil Skirt

On Tuesday, Husband, Son and GF, and I went to the matinee of Captain America.  First off I was thinking it was a beautiful reasonably cool morning and we were going to see a movie instead of hanging out outside.  But if you think about it seeing a comic book character come to life in the movies should only be seen as a matinee!

Personally I loved the movie.  It had a good old fashioned, polite heroic man, with no swearing.
When we came out at the end of the movie, I told my son, who loved it too, that he still needs to be careful. Captain America does not lead his Nat'l Guard unit!

I have been thinking about making myself a classic pencil skirt in black for a while now.  This is just the impetus I needed. Love the look.  So I looked at the basic pattern companies out there, but they don't seem to have pencil skirt patterns with waistbands.  And I like having a waistband.

Here's a classic pattern from the 50's.

And a more recent interpretation of the pencil skirt.
Since I can't find a pattern I like I found a tutorial on making your own pattern.  Should be easy.  Back in college, waaayyy back, I started out as a theatre major and learned how to draft patterns in Costume construction.  (Actually, my favorite thing to do is make costumes even today.) I switched to Creative Writing and Business when I realized I really didn't have any skills as an actress.
So I will go make a pattern and get back to you later on the finished skirt.
Have a lovely day.


Kelly_Deal said...

Hi Jeannine! Can't wait to see your creation!

ladybugstamper said...

That's a great idea, can't wait to see it, you'll look great in a pencil skirt.