Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kindle Cover in a Book

This Christmas I made Kindle covers for my sister and mother.  They splurged on themselves and it gave me the perfect idea for a gift.
I looked at several tutorials on You tube and then tweaked them for my own.
This is the one for my mom.  

I visited our local used bookstore and got this copy of a Sherlock Holmes book for $4.

Then I carefully removed the pages with my craft knife.

I cut a piece of cardboard an 1/8" smaller than the inside of the front and back covers.  I get these super straight lines by using my rotary cutter and quilt mats.

I cut a piece of fabric one inch larger all the way around to cover the cardboard.

Here is the one I did for my sister, a Nancy Drew Mystery.

I glued the fabric around the cardboard and then using my Kindle (thank you Husband for the Mother's Day gift) to measure the length of the elastic to hold the Kindle in. I then sewed them in by hand. I used quilting thread.

Here is the empty cover.  I glued the covered cardboard inside and weighted it down with the 2009 California Penal Code book; it weighs a ton!  (My son has the penal code form police academy.)

Here it is all together with a Kindle.

So there it is. A Kindle cover in a book.  And you can pretend you are still reading from a paper and ink book!
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Anonymous said...

What a neat idea!

I am not sure I will ever be able to convince myself to get a Kindle. I am such a tactile person that I need to feel things like a book in hand when I am reading- not sure a Kindle would do it for me!

Gillian Layne said...

Utterly adorable. So much more charming than the covers they sell. Great job!

Eileen Lynn said...

The only addition I would make is a clasp to keep them closed and a little bitty pocket inside the front cover for the gift card to buy books on Amazon. It fits in my purse and thank you so much.