Sunday, August 5, 2012

Refinished Dining Set #2

Un-pause!  It feels like my blog has been on pause since the spring.  I have been busy with setting up our new house after the move, helping my daughter plan her wedding, preparing for her bridal shower (which was held in our home), and taking furniture to her apartment in LA.

This is the dining set that I refinished for her.  We purchased it at least three years ago at a garage sale for $50.  It has been shuffled around in our garage since then.  I was thrilled to finally finish it and get it done!
First I removed the nasty seats and set them aside.

I sanded slightly and  rubbed them down with deglosser.  They were filthy!

The first coat of paint went on by hand.  Tedious!  Then we moved and Husband set up the paint booth.  I used my sprayer for the second coat and it went soooooo fast!

All six chairs were quickly done.

We taped and papered off the top of the table as it was that high gloss finish.  Even though it had a huge scratch in the finish it was better than trying to sand down through that plastic-like finish.
The legs and skirt (?) got the paint treatment.
I used Behr in Beluga, my go-to color.  Love it!  Undertones of blue.  Behr worked really well in the sprayer.  I have since used Glidden as well but it is a thinner paint and and spatters and leaves a sandpaper like finish.  Ick!

Here is the finished table in its new home!

I had to strip the chair seats down to the boards as they smelled horrible.  I used one of those eggcrate mattress pads for the padding and leftover canvas drop-cloth.

Of course their apartment is an average one bedroom and couldn't really hold six chairs.  Nor could Daughter's Toyota hold more than three chairs!  She took the other arm less one later.

I think the whole set turned out very well.
Just found a buffet/credenza on Craigslist for her.  Thinking it will be painted to match.

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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

beautiful- so sleek! a classic but sorta modern, too!