Friday, February 28, 2014

Closet Transition

When we first bought this new house I knew I wanted to use this mudroom or back entry as a closet.  We have other entrances to the back yard.  The sole purpose of this room is to be able to bring firewood in from the yard and stash it in the wood box next to the fireplace.  The door you barely see comes in from the yard.  The fully visible door leads to the living room.
This is the door to the wood box and is directly across from the exterior door.  There is another door in the living room where you can access the wood.

I mixed some leftover wall paint from my craft room (mulberry) and the white paint from the bedroom (Dry Martini) together and painted the interior including the ceiling.  It took me all of an hour. The space is only about 66 inches by 59 inches.


Husband then installed a cute little chandelier a friend had given me over a year ago.  I couldn't pass on a freebie even though at the time I had no place to put it.

Because we didn't want to permanently alter the room, we purchased a closet  insert. It is a Target Threshold product. I also had a little bookcase that I painted a darker color of the purple. The outside of it is painted in Silver Screen, a grey color.

The spring tension rod only holds my scarves. That way they are hung but the rod does not have to support much weight.

The rest is made up of baskets and shoe racks we already had on hand. There is also just a scrap of the house carpet laid over the linoleum.

I adore this little closet.  It is perfect for me.  We also bought some closet organizer systems to update the closet I had been sharing with Husband.  He now has his own closet with double hung racks and places for his shoes.  He also put a rod in the tiny little closet that is completely cedar lined.  This is where his suits now live, instead of my shoes and sweaters.
Thanks for stopping by this little tour of my new closet.