Friday, August 21, 2009

Pitter Patter of Doggy Feet

We added a new member to the family on August 10. This is Rerun, a 4 year old German Shepherd, Husky, Wolf mix. He has the best manners. Housebroken, loves to ride in the car, doesn't bother other dogs or cats. The best manners. And he loves to be hugged and brushed and walked.

What a good boy!

Of course the cat has ruled the house for 4 years, all alone. He's had some adjusting to do. But now they hang out together, though they aren't best friends yet.

And just in time for both Son and Daughter to go back to school. Husband and I are back to the empty nest.

I just finished posting and went to look for Rerun. Couldn't find him in his usual sleeping spots. Then I found him!

I guess he does have one vice! He figures if the cat can, so should he!

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Sandy said...

Looks like you got a great dog. It's always nice when you can get one already house trained and will get along well with the other animals in the house. I have never had that kind of luck. I got the little sports plates at the grocery store, believe it or not. Four of them for .99. I never have that kind of luck either. Thanks for stopping by and the wonderful comments.