Sunday, August 2, 2009

Garage Sale and Future Projects

We finally had our garage sale on Saturday. Both Son and Daughter came home from college for the summer and piled all their belongings in the garage. Because there was already stacks of stuff, more things piled up and nothing was put away. It looked like the tide had come in and dropped all this flotsam and jetsam on the beach.
The first step was to clean the garage. Then we tagged and organized. Early Saturday morning we put it all out on the driveway. We placed "Garage Sale" signs on one of the cars parked out at the main cross road.
When we were finished, four hours later, we loaded all the leftovers in my Jeep and took it down to the Goodwill Donation Station.

This is all thats left, Son's Army gear and the contents of his apartment.

And of course this little beauty. Husband bought this table and five chairs, with one leaf, at a garage sale last month. The idea is to refinish it.

First it will have to be stripped. Then primed and painted. I'd like to paint it black. But I could also see it painted white and the little shell details colored with gold rub and buff.

Here's the pile of chairs. They would look nice painted white, with blue striped fabric. What do you think? Let me know.

I also have several dressers to redo as well.

Hope your Sunday was blessed. Husband and I were at Tuolumne Community Church where he spoke about his job as a Missionary and upcoming opportunities. It was great to be in a different church and meet new people.


Six in One Hand said...

I love the idea of a white table and chairs with blue fabric. What about distressing the table and chairs?

beachy keen girl said...

I agree...painting the table white with white chairs and blue (and white) fabric would look great. I think you'll love it when you are all done :) It's a great table and chairs to be redone.