Monday, March 15, 2010

Etsy Shop! Aprons

I have been fascinated with aprons lately. It started last December when I was teaching the high school students how to sew. They always get to start with an apron pattern that is super simple but makes a great BBQ style apron. It is such a feeling of accomplishment.

But I wanted to make girly aprons so I found a pattern with a cute flounce. Then I decided it was too complicated to keep making and created my own pattern for an apron with a ruffle.

This is the one with the ruffle. Extra long ties. And Daughter modelling!

This apron has magnolias on a super dark navy background. The white has little gold flecks all over it.

Monet style print with purple accents.

This apron has a cute green plaid and the orange print is a reprint of a feedsack from the 1930's. I love this. So June Cleaver! Daughter's BFF modelling here. She stays with us Monday through Thursday while she is going to school, her family moved away a few years ago and her school is near us. Saves on gas! Daughter lives in a dorm at Fresno State.
The next two aprons are the flounce apron. I picked retro yet modern prints for these. Neither has a pocket but each has a flower pin. So cute!

I decided to open an etsy shop to sell a few, and so I can make more! I'm working on a few simple BBQ style aprons now, but still girly. I'm working on a few half aprons as well. Cute combos of prints!

So check out my shop at

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