Friday, March 19, 2010

Bedroom-Part 1

I thought I would share my bedroom.

I love all the creamy white, cottagy style rooms I see in blogland, but thats not how we decorated when we moved home from the Middle East 5 1/2 years ago. We wanted to display husbands sword collection. We bought a stencil and made the walls into crumbling castle walls.

The furniture was given to us and we painted it black and distressed it. Of course this was years ago before I discovered all the blogs. A friend helped us with the painting and we did it right! Stripping, priming with a rust color, 2 coats of black (called Dark Secret, I love that), distressed, rubbed with carnuba wax. The tops were stained and varathaned.

But today I went through and changed all the bedding out for a spring look. I'll be posting that Monday for Met Monday.

Thanks for stopping by and see you on Monday.


Lamp Tramp said...

I love the paint treament you gave to the that beautiful armoire and the dresser. Yes, you did it the right way, lots of coats, Caruuba wax, and then varnished. Great peices! Love the swords that hubby colllected. Is that wallpaper or a faux treatment? Looking for ward to Part 2...

kim said...

What a very unique style in your bedroom. That faux painting had to take a lot of time.

Carolyn said...

You did a great job on the furniture-I love the color too!


Shaunna said...

Hey Jeannine! Thanks for stopping by...I LOVE these black distressed pieces!! I shall be featuring you next week! :) Have your books arrived yet?? Let me know when they do; i'm anxious to know they made it in one piece. -shaunna :)