Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring Cleaning

A week or so ago I suddenly got the urge to clean. It could have had a lot to do with splurging on new towels and needing to purge the old ones. It has been 5 1/2 years since we got new towels.

Closet emptied out. Like most of us I get into a job before I decide "wouldn't this be great to blog about" and don't end up with a before. Oh well.

This stack of old towels and sheets will be going to Goodwill. The towels that were too worn out ended up in the laundry room for drying off the wet dog in winter and the newly washed cars in the summer.

Here is the after, all nicely organized.

And of course the laundry room needed organizing to accomodate the extra "dog" towels.

So there you have it. Mini spring cleaning.
Thanks for stopping by.


Jeanette said...

Both places look great and all organized!

Susan said...

You got alot done! I spent last weekend doing some spring cleaning. I think this weekend I will tackle my and my husbands walk in closet. I have alot of clothes in there I did not wear all winter that I can take to Goodwill. I am going go with bear basics with my clothes. Only keep what I need for work and a few everyday clothes. My closet will look so bear! LOL

HollyC said...

I've started making a spring cleaning list and boy is it getting long! I don't think anyone else in my household is up to the challenge...yet;0)
Your closet looks great!