Friday, August 26, 2011

Our British Colonial Style Living Room

Last week I posted here about British Colonial Style in the home.  Today, I'm sharing my living room.  It is decorated in a modified British Colonial style.
We lived for three years in the ME.  Both Jordan and Syria are former British colonies and Lebanon is a former French colony. British influences are all over Jordan including roundabouts and the types of stores available for shopping.
This is an overview of the entire room.  You'll notice that we have a Persian style rug over the Berber carpet with which the entire rental house is carpeted. The carpet was made in Turkey and purchased by us in Jordan.

The curtains are silk from Damascus, Syria.  We had them made for some massive windows we had in our flat in Beirut.  Now they swag on the floor of our American tract house. The shelf unit was made in Germany for a friend of ours, but she couldn't ship it to her next home country so she sold it and a twin to us in Jordan. The sofas are two years old, from JC Penney.

The piano was purchased by my maternal Great Grandmother in 1902.  It has Ivory and Ebony keys. That's pretty colonial! The paintings are of Jerash in Jordan and were purchased there.

A clock from Jordan (unfortunately it doesn't keep accurate time anymore.)

The lanterns were recently brought back from Jordan by Husband. The vase is also from Jordan.

A gallery style arrangement of paintings, also of Jerash.

Spartacus, our 22 pound cat.

The top painting is of the Treasury in Petra, Jordan. The various plates are from countries throughout the ME. Collectible books make great displays with the treasures.

A box from Jordan.

A globe.

Pillows with native animal pictures.

Tassels are very popular in Arab decorating.

The elephant bookends are from Tanzania.  (The tusks are plastic, no animals were harmed.)

I hope you enjoyed this tour.  Friends have come in and said our house looks like a museum, but I hope it still makes them feel comfortable and welcome.

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Marlis said...

Love your straight pictures!!! You have so many beautiful treasures. I love your globe because it relates to everything in your room. Your tassels are great. Your plates and the books make the bookcases look wonderful. I love your home. xo marlis.. ps thanks for dropping in!