Friday, October 14, 2011

Adult Trick-or-Treating: AKA Garage Sale!

Two weekends ago, Husband and I went to a city wide garage sale in Escalon, California.  It's a small town a few miles east of where we live.  It was so much fun.  I have a Jeep Liberty so we are limited in the size of the pieces we can buy.  We drove around a while looking for furniture.  We turned down one street and parked.  There were garage sales at half the houses on one city block.  And these are those little houses built  right after the end of World War II. Small
People were walking up and down the streets, buying treasures, laughing and having a good time.  It looked like adult trick-or-treating!  Except you got to pick your goodies and had to pay for them.  But people were out everywhere!

This first piece is a dresser.  It had a mirror but we didn't want it.  The dresser is only 24 1/2 inches tall!
We are thinking to just strip and refinish or paint it in gradient pinks or lavenders for a very girly look. Any ideas? The dresser was $15! I practically sat on it while Husband went to pay!

These chairs were a find.  I've been looking for "new" chairs for my dining table since we brought it home from the ME.  Our chairs are breaking and falling apart.  They were made of very cheap wood.

Two chairs are stained and two are painted a glossy brown.  Eewwww!

I will strip them and refinish.  I am not sure I want to paint them.  But I do love paint!
What do you think of my finds?

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ladybugstamper said...

They look great. Looks like a fun way to spend your week off. Enjoy