Monday, October 31, 2011

I love Costumes!

Happy Halloween to you all!  Hope your day is filled with happy spirits and cute trick-or-treaters.
We are not dressing up this year as Daughter is away at college still and Son is wearing Army green 24/7 and is far far away.

In 2009 we finally got the chance to go to Mickeys Trick or Treat at Disney's California Adventure. It was so much fun.  We came out with bags and bags of candy, enough to last a year!

Even though we are not dressing up, I must tell you, my favorite thing in the world to make is costumes.  Today I only have a few to show as the rest are stuck in a very old tired slow desktop computer.

This is Son in the pirate costume I made for him.  His date used her own pirate girl costume.  I made the vest for him, wrapped his head in a scarf, made a belt and shoulder scarf. I cut ant pinned up a pair of his old trousers and he wore a shirt and shoes that he already had.

Years ago I made four of these Roman guard costumes for our Living Nativity at church. (The helmet is purchased.) I decided to be a Roman Goddess (totally out of character for me-LOL) and used several sheets to make this.

Daughter and her now fiance went as teenage Pebbles and Bam-Bam.  We worked on these costumes together. He is actually in shorts and high tops. She used a dog play bone to put in her hair.  

We didn't realize it at the time, but we look like a walk through history. Prehistory, ca. 70 AD, and about 1717! Cute!
Have a safe Halloween!
PS If anyone wants help making a costume let me know. Dream job: Costume department at Disneyland!

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