Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Discovering Myself

I started this blog on February 1 of 2008.  I hadn't realized it had been that long. I began my blog to share some of the scrapbook pages I had made.  However, over the years my interests have changed.  Currently I am more interested in buying garage sale furniture and painting it either for my own home or to sell. I have painted five different dressers a shade of white for my bedrooms plus several that have sold.  I've done a black dining table for my kitchen and a white set to sell (hasn't sold yet.) I posted about it here.

As I look back over my blog I find that it is a lot like me and my daughter.  I am 47 and trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. I'm also trying to figure out a direction for my blog.
These are some things I know:
I love to read and write; my college degree is in Creative Writing. I have actually written one novel and started on another. Not published.
I love to paint furniture.
I love to teach, but don't love the High School Students. I don't like the discipline that takes up much of my teaching time. (I am a substitute teacher.)
I love paper, and scrapbooking.
I enjoy sewing and creating new items.  I have taught quilting in the past.
I love my blog but often feel blocked about where to start.  Odd for a writer.
I love Wedding Planning from helping my daughter with hers and from teaching event planning.

I know that I don't want to spend the rest of my working years working a job I don't like.  This month and through the rest of 2011, I plan on figuring out what I do want to do. And start doing it.  My first plan is to put more of me into my blog. 
And while I am struggling with this thought, my daughter is working through the same issue.  She is a college senior, 21 years old and getting married next September.  She is a kinesiology major, yet she does not know what she wants to do for her career.  My advice is to find something you love to do so you will enjoy your job.  Easy to say! We seem to have the same struggle.

So I hope you will bear with me as I struggle with "finding" myself and focusing my blog. Thank you for coming along on this journey.


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The Quintessential Magpie said...

Absolutley! I have been there, and I understand about trying to define a blog. I'll be here for you!